Do you remember you supported Headcase Charity a couple of years ago? You read the blog, you reposted the Facebook updates, you Liked the stories of injuries, training, diets, operations, results and best of all you donated as the months passed leading up to the pitching of aging bodies against the challenge of Ironman race. 
Can we call on you time and support, – and hopefully spare cash once again. We raised nearly £50k over 18 months, comprising a variety of events, auctions, culminating with the Ironman race in Nice. This enabled us to support a full time PhD researcher for a year to find a cure for GBM brain tumors. Still 100% fatal with average life sentence of 14 months, yet only gets 0.01% of total U.K. Charity fundraising to try and find a cure. 

It’s on again, 13th May 2017. Join the journey and support the efforts to raise funds again to continue the quest to find a cure. No money is taken in Administration fees, and it’s a real direct effect you will be having.

Your involvement in likeing, reposting, tweeting, commenting as well as donating will help the pain seem worthwhile. 

Read the story thus far on this blog.

Team Russell: Tony, Peter, David & Dan