Dan’s Profile


Dan Russell, 24 years old and still struggling to come to terms with the almighty task in front of me. There are two reasons why this was a simple decision in the end to make. The first and most important being of course Colin. I have had the pleasure of sharing some good times with Colin all be it a little depressing from my point of view as an Arsenal fan, but I was always guaranteed to have a laugh and that’s what its all about. If it means going through a bit of pain to help fight and conquer this cruel and destructive disease then you most certainly don’t have to ask me twice!

The second is simple. If my Dad is going to do it then I can’t sit back and watch him take it on with 1 knee, no appendix, a smashed shoulder and god knows what else to come. Talk about getting your excuses in early!

Anyway, I’ve been enjoying the sun and sand of the UAE for a little over a year and am based in Dubai working for Tag Worldwide, a global creative and production services agency. My biggest challenges will be to overcome the daily peer pressure of 24/7 drinking sessions that will be thrown at me over the next 5 months and battling the blistering heat from April to Race day. I am prepared and ready for all eventualities and nervous but extremely excited about the challenge ahead.

Recent Triathlon races include:

Abu Dhabi Triathlon 2012
Tri Yas – 2012
2XU Tri – 2012

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