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These pages have been set up to raise awareness of our mission to raise money for Headcase Cancer Trust.

Colin Smith, a true blue, was diagnosed with a brain tumour, type GBM 4, August 2012. The world lost Colin in 2013 as an 11 month survivor.

It isn’t about Tony, Peter and David Russell brothers or Dan, Tony’s son, or his mate Andy doing anything of note, this is all about Colin and Headcase. But as we know it needs a ridiculously nutty thing to be the focus for people to dig deep and cough up.

Tony and Dan completed an Ironman in Nice in June 2013. The three brothers and Dan have done Triathlons for last few years and not long after Tony and Dan returned from Nice one evening out together they all decided to do it again. Team Russell 3 brothers, Dan and his mate Andy.

There are lots of ways people could help us raise our target, the best and simplest is just donate as much as you can through out Justgiving page.

However if there are ways you can spread the word and raise some more cash Headcase Cancer Trust needs every penny.

Headcase Logo On Brick

Glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) is the most common and deadliest of malignant primary brain tumors in adults and is one of a group of tumors referred to as gliomas. Classified as a Grade IV (most serious) astrocytoma, GBM develops from the lineage of star-shaped glial cells, called astrocytes, that support nerve cells. GBM develops primarily in the cerebral hemispheres but can develop in other parts of the brain, brainstem, or spinal cord.

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13 thoughts on “Home”

  1. Good on ya Sausage

    • thank you Ronnie,for your support,and just being there,hope to see you soon,cant wait for GPD.sorry for delay in replying,computer playing up

      • Bit of wood in a tent said:

        No problem my little chippolatta I’ve got 3 lads who work at the QE II doing the 3 peaks challenge for the charity, jars in different shops and businesses,but I need propaganda so get onto numb nuts and get him to get his finger out……what’s GPD?

      • gay pride day, jolly boys day out on the thames!

      • Bit of wood in a tent said:

        Your finest hour mon ami

      • numb nuts here !!!!! Stickers and small A5 cards are here ! but due to work commitments I have not had chance to drop them at you r door ……….

  2. Headcase Cancer Trust said:

    Your an inspiration keep the training going and I’ll keep sharing your exploits

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