Andy History


Race Distance Category    Total Time     Cat Pos   Goodies
Oxford 2013:    Half Marathon M 01:30:23    
Hampton Court Swim  3.65k  M20-25 01:05:12    
Blenheim 2013:  750m, 20k, 5k M20-25 01:21:34    
New Forest Cycle: 140k M20-25 05:40:40    
London 2012 1.5km, 40k, 10k M20-25 02:31:29    
Blenheim 2012: 750m, 20k, 5k M20-25 01:19:17    
Perrenporth Coastal Triathlon: 1km, 35k, 7.55k M20-25 02:17:09    
Australian 70.3 Team (swim) 2012: 1.93k M20-25 00:33:49    
All National Triathlon Dorney Lakes 2012: 400m, 20km, 5km M20-25 01:05:18    
Abu Dhabi Triathlon 2012: 750m, 50km, 5km M20-25 02:02:41    

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