Colin’s Story

Colin Snake smallName:               COLIN SMITH

D.O.B: 24th April 1957, age 55 yrs
Born: Wimbledon Park
Occupation: S/E General builder
05/08/2012: after collapsing at work.
Treatment: Chemo,Radiotherapy.Containment

These are the stark facts – brutal and unalterable.

I’d like to put them into context, though, by giving a bit of background to show the story behind this particular statistic.

My wife Helen and I were childhood sweethearts and married when she was just 17 and I was only nineteen. Despite almost always having to struggle financially, we created a large and happy family for our five children. In 1996 our world came apart when our eldest son, Daniel, was killed in a road accident.  The impact of his loss was enormous but eventually we learned how to live without him and our remaining four children grew up to have families of their own, and, because they all live locally, our ties are very close.

Helen and I felt that it was finally our chance to have a life together without the pressures of child-rearing.  Life was good.  We had a nice car, holidays abroad, we could eat out more or less when we wanted and, most importantly, I had a Chelsea season ticket! All this was possible because Helen had studied hard at University to become an Operating Department Practitioner (ODP) and her eventual salary meant that I was the closest I would ever be to becoming a kept man!!  What a shame I had to keep working too!

Then, one Saturday evening we sparked up the BBQ and had a couple of friends round, a fairly commonplace event. Very out of character though, I was in a really foul frame of mind. I had been moody for a couple of days, I could only describe it as a black cloud hanging over me. At the end of the evening Helen tore into me telling me to to snap out of it.

Well, I just broke down which again is totally out of character.

By Sunday morning the whole puzzling and unpleasant incident was forgotten, well, not until Helen had taken full blame [ha ha].

Back to work on Monday, I had the job of stripping a roof then knocking down a chimney from top to bottom with my son, Jamie.  It was a hard week but by the Friday the end was in sight at last. Then, what I can only describe as a daft moment came over me.  It was a feeling of complete light-headiness. I couldn’t judge distances, my feet seemed to be unable to  work properly sending me rolling around from skip to skip, then finally it was as if an Alien was trying to burst out of my body. Looking back, I understand now that I was fitting. I’m so glad my son was with me , although all he did at the time was roll around laughing, saying “Stop it! Stop it  Dad,” lt must have looked hilarious!

Eventually we realised how not normal this was, and, with great effort we got into the van and headed for hospital. On arrival I managed to open my door and…bang! Went straight out on the tarmac and started rolling towards the hospital. Jamie picked me up, literally, and headed to A and E. By now I was fitting again, looking like drunken Bambi.

From then on the wheelchair arrived, I was scanned, monitored and admitted. A few days later I was transferred in to QUEENS SQUARE LONDON and was given a surgical biopsy on 16/08/12.

The results, at the top of the page, were given to us after the weekend.

At this moment in time I am known as a six month survivor…….and counting!

We are trying to raise funds for HEADCASE Cancer Trust  which is the only charity dedicated to give 100% of donations towards finding a cure for this inoperable brain cancer.

The Grandkids

153 thoughts on “Colin’s Story”

  1. John Stallard said:

    Colin you are a star and it was great to see you and Helen at my 50th down in Brighton,
    great of you to make the effort to come down, well appreciated!
    See you at the cathedral of football (Stamford Bridge) very soon-be nice if we can actually win a game.

    • colin smith said:

      Hi John,it was great to see you on your 50th,dont know whats going on down the bridge,we are all baffled,benitez,doesnt have a clue.thanks for your support and sharing the link.

  2. Hi Colin, when Claire told me about your diagnosis I was so shocked and upset as we all were. I just wanted to say that we are all sending lot’s of love and thinking of you and Helen and family. You have all been through so much in the past few years and it just seems so unfair that life has dealt you all another cruel blow that you so don’t deserve. I never had a chance to thank you for driving Claire to the church on the day of her wedding, it was so kind of you. Claire and Shelley have been best friends for a long time now and Claire said to me the other day that out of all her friends dad’s that you are her favourite 🙂 keep fighting this and try and stay positive xxx

    • colin smith said:

      Oh,Linda,such kind words,Claire such a lovely girl,we will fight this all of the way,with the support we have had. xx

  3. Patricia Phillips said:

    OK Colin, I admit it. You have amazing strength of character and a wicked sense of humour that has left me helpless with laughter on many, many occasions. I am in awe of the way you have handled all this so…..yes…….after all these years I shall say it. You ARE good enough for my sister!!

    • colin smith said:

      Hi Pat thank you for your kind words,ive waited long enough for them!and thanks to both you and Pete,for your continued support of both me and Helenx

  4. Tracey Dobson Brady said:

    Hola Colin, it was great to see you & Helen out Friday night in the Rose & Crown. I must apologise i was a tad under the influence of alcoloh?? & that i wasn’t talking shite?!! LOL… I have thought about you’s both & your lovely family & can’t imagine what you are having to go through??!! I wish something could be done for you, or even if i myself could do anything to help in any way!! I know that really is’nt any comfort to you, Helen or your family right now. But please remember you are so very loved & THOUGHT OF BY YOUR FRIENDS!! Tracey

    • Helen Smith said:

      Hi Tracy
      It was lovely to get out the house for a nice meal and nip in the Pub, it was so nice to see you and many others too, colin has not been too good since Friday but we are used to his condition varieing on a daily basis and are hoping for an improvement soon, he is also due to go on chemo on Tuesday if his blood results are ok,
      We take great comfort in knowing that you and others care, thanks Tracy for your kind thoughts and words and Colin hopes to be up and about shortly xxxx

  5. Donna Foster(Cannon) said:

    Hi Helen,
    I hope Colin feels better soon, you are both in my thoughts every day and I am determined to raise some money for Headcase (becoming a bit obsessed actually) but thats only because of Colin bringing it to my attention with his brave blogs and funny sense of humour and also because its Colin.
    Keep fighting Colin, I wish this wasn’t happening to you of all people.
    The amount of money raised so far just reflects how highly thought of you and Helen are. Its an outstanding amount in such a short space of time.
    If I can help in anyway ,anytime of day or night let me know.
    Donna xxxxxx

    • Helen Smith said:

      Hi Donna,
      That’s so nice to know that you and many others care, and as you know Colin, he always adds humour to any given situation! I think that it’s a bit of a safety valve! I have read your comments to Colin and he appreciates every thing that you and others have said about him and also our family as do I .
      Take care and hope to see you soon x

    • colin smith said:

      hi Donna,thank you for your kind words and continued support,it is really appreciatedx


  7. colin smith said:

    Hi Peggy,i do remember you,and appreciate the effort you, and so many others make to offer your supportx

  8. Bob Harwood said:

    Colin, you are an absolute legend. A real character that never fails to raise a smile. Haven’t seen you for a while but I do see Charlie in the mornings doing the nursery run. It would seem the Smith (all be it in the form of Overton) Harwood connection will continue to exist for many more years!

    You’ve got a great family and your children and grandchildren are a credit to you.

    Thank you for moving to Baldock all those years back!

    Bob (on behalf of The Harwoods)

  9. colin smith said:

    Bob,such kind words, and you are too blessed with a loving family,thanks for continued support,and best wishes.

  10. Stacey Eley said:

    Colin your story is so amazing and so sad, you’ve fought it so far and I’m sure you will carry on fighting it with all you have! I wish you and your family all the best for the future, you all deserve it!:)
    Lots of love Stacey xxx

  11. phil & karen stevens said:

    Hi Colin & Helen, it was great to see you last weekend at the hotel with Pete & Pat. I was pleased to see that you have not lost your infamous sense of humour, I hate to admit it but you are the only bloke to outdo me when it comes to taking the p-ss. Both Karen & I admire the way you are dealing with your illness and I have to say you are a braver man than me. It’s hard to believe that we met back in 1983, where did all those years go? We have had some great times together especially in Munich! It’s a shame that we have not met up more times coz when we have we’ve always had a good laugh. Looking forward to seeing you both in May, Phil & Karen

  12. colin smith said:

    Hi Phil &KAREN,yes it was great to see you both at the weekend,my sense of humour was about the only thing i didnt loose [my card],i cant believe where all the years have gone,yes we do always have a good laugh,and that will continue in may.xx,thanks for your support xx

  13. Shelly Larner said:

    Colin, no words can describe the sadness I felt on finding out about you being so ill.
    How can I donate to your page on just giving? Charities like these need all the publicity they can get, I know its of little help to you now, but thanks to you and others like you, people are being made aware of this type of cancer and the research and financing of it can only increase with knowledge.
    Stay strong Colin, I wish you and your family well xx

    • Colin smith said:

      Hi Shelly such kind words,yes you just don’t hear of this type of tumour/cancer until it smacks you in the face,well I hadn’t. If you would like to donate just follow the instructions on just giving at top of page,thanks again Shelly xx

  14. Chelsea cramp said:

    Hey uncle Colin I’m sorry I havnt wrote to you but u our an amazing man, and it’s so cruel this world but you are so brave and I can’t belive it’s happened to you.. U are an inspiration to everyone keep fighting strong love u xxxxxx

  15. Ricky Ryan said:

    Hi Colin , I am sat here in Turkey , reading your blog and all the comments from friends and family , and it has literally bought tears to my eyes , everything everybody has to say about yourself , Helen & your wonderful family is totally true , you are all so inspiring , you have all gone through the mill over the years , but nothing leaves you knocked down for too long . The world breaks into a contagious smile when ever you are out and about , I feel very honoured to be able to count you as a friend , and have wonderful memories of get togethers , weddings , parties , bbqs , etc . Keep your chin up mate , and above all keep smiling , Love & Hugs to you Colin and Helen xxx. Ricky Ryan

  16. Helen Smith said:

    Hi Ricky
    It’s Helen here , colin now gets very confused with computers so I hope you don’t mind me replying, thank you very much for your kind comments, they brought a big smile to his face, we heard that Chezzie had an op we hope that all is well and she is now on the road to a full recovery,
    We hope that you are enjoying the Turkish sun.
    Helen & Colin x

  17. Colin smith said:

    Hi Ricky,what a lovely message,good to hear from you,I’m glad it’s all going well for you.its good to know we have the love and continued support from old friends,,love to you and all the family colin xx

    • Colin smith said:

      Hi Vincent,really good to hear from you,yes it’s funny to think that we. We’re allnighting8/9 months ago I said those burgers tasted funny !!!,still we have been champions of Europe tho not much since,I have had so much support from friends and family over this latest episode in our life it is humbling. Helen and i isend our love to you and Julie and look forward to seeing you at Tonys and Lynn’s BBq this year .x

  18. Vincent James said:

    Hi Colin,
    Tony Russell has been keeping me posted, as has Bootsie .I have not contacted you before as I know that when I had cancer there is a great wave of support at the beginning so I thought now was the time to make contact. It is amazing that in July we were all having a good time at Tony’s BBQ and then this bloody decease takes an entrance. Julie,my wife, and I really feel for you, Helen and family. From reading your blogs you are approaching this the best way by keeping the humour in all that you face, I did the same but not with the severity of cancer that you have. My excuse was that it is part of the DNA to being an Everton supporter ! Look forward to the last game of the season at the Bridge when the Toffees come to town, will see you there.. Keep positive,Keep the mental strength,Keep loving those close to you.
    you are a top man, Regards, Vincent James

  19. Karen Thornton said:

    Hi Colin and Helen,

    Just wanted to say Hi to you both, hope you remeber me, Janet’s neice 🙂 I remember you both when I used to go round Auntie Janets all the time babysitting and visiting, lots of fun and laughter especially at Mick having his highlights done”!. So sorry to hear what you are going through it is just so sad. I remember you as a very strong and loving family and couple and send you lots of love and support,

    Love Karen xx

    • Colin smith said:

      Hi Karen
      Hi to you, I remember the good ole days like they were yesterday,lots of laughs,thank you for lovely comments take care love to you and your little family xx

  20. Rosanna Sherbourne said:

    Hi Colin, I know we have not seen each other for a long time, was really pleased you accepted my friends request of FB, just seen your blog, would just like to say you haven’t changed from your pic, stay strong and positive, am thinking of you and your family, love Rosanna x

  21. Brenda Betts. said:

    Hi I am sorry I don’t know you. You sound a lovely couple. I Have had a cancerous tumor in my kidney which I had blasted 4 weeks ago and hopefully they have got it all. Reason I am telling you this is because a friend of mine told me that she and a group were praying for me to St. Peregrine. He is the patron saint of cancer as he had it himself. If you want to know more about him type his name in Google. Not only are my friends praying to him for me but there is also a Priest and a group in London that are doing this all the time. Never give up. Perhaps you might like to give this a try. I will certainly pray for you to St Peregrine too. I hope you won’t mind. Godbless. Brenda Betts. xx

  22. andy graham said:

    hi colin hope you can remember me ,we played football together with a few different teams .i wish you all the best for the future never give up .i remember you as a good lad always bright and cheerful .
    take care

  23. Carol Lowey said:

    Hey Colin, I was so shocked to hear about you from brother dave. Another avid Chelsea fan. I want to wish you lots of luck to fight this problem, which I am sure you will. Positive thoughts and support go a long way to fight, and I know with my darling daughter..all the very best to you and Helen, and much love coming your way. Your grand kids are fabulous xx carol (read)

  24. Mick Ward said:

    Hi Colin, Mick Ward here, I have never really had chance to have a good chat with you, although we have met at Graham and Maureens barbeques a few times, occasionally also on the train coming back from Chelsea and waved to each other across the pub in Baldock. I thought the chopper Harris night was great and it was good to see the support you are getting from all your loyal friends, you are a really popular guy. I would like to thank you for helping me get through my best mans speach at Grahams / Maureens wedding, holding up the score cards with Ashley during my speach was hilarious. Keep your chin up mate, you are an inspiration to all.

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  28. This man was a legend and he should not have been taken when he was I was once married to one of his daughters. I lived with him and it was the best time of my life I bought him a phone for Christmas and a nice designer top and he turned round and said to me what the fuck do I want this for I have never been so stunned in my life the man was a legend love mush xx

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