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So what’s this all about…….well some of you will know, some wont, but a good buddy Colin ( a true blue – we have shared some great blue moments over the past few years with our group ) has been diagnosed with a brain tumour, type GBM 4, last August.

Prognosis is not good. Terminal 14-18 months from diagnosis.

With the exception of the brainstem gliomas, GBM has the worst prognosis of any central nervous system (CNS) tumour, despite multimodality treatment consisting of surgical resection of as much of the tumor as possible, followed by:

  • This brain Tumour kills 5000 people a year
  • concurrent or sequential chemoradiotherapy,
  • antiangiogenic therapy,
  • gamma knife radiosurgery, and
  • symptomatic management with corticosteroids. Prognosis is poor, with a median survival time of approximately 14 months

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Headcase Cancer Trust provides funding to The Cellular and Molecular Neuro-Oncology Research Group at Portsmouth University. The Group is led by Professor Geoff Pilkington.

It is the There is a ton more info and stats on this disease, which will be shared with you but for now Colin is keen to raise money for the only charity that is looking to find a cure, 100% of all money goes to the research programme, and therefore it’s a great cause. The charity is HEADCASE, anyhow in order to raise funds this father an son (Dan) team are going to have a go at completing an Ironman in Nice……There will be a just-giving site for your convenience but by whatever means the aim is 30k, its a big ask… but hey so is an Ironman!

24 weeks to the event so time to get going………