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So obviously with intense training sessions you need to consider the fuel you are putting in your body. Believing you can eat what you want because of how many calories you are burning is a cracking theory however its unfortunately not very accurate and believe me if it was, I’d be the first one in the que at McDonalds!

So while I’ve been suffering from man flu and travelling across continents, I’ve put a few diet plans together which include the most important food groups my body will need over the coming months and more importantly the correct balance. Here is one example:


protein shake


5 egg whites w/ a bit of turkey and green peppers
1 Greek yogurt
1 glass orange juice
1 bowl of oatmeal


protein shake


2 chicken breasts
1 small bowl brown rice
1 apple
1 side salad


protein shake


1 piece of talapia or cod
1 side of broccoli
1 side of red potatoes
1 side of fat free cottage cheese


protein shake w/glutamine

Clearly its not very inspiring but at least I get a cheat day! I can smell the pizza already….