So in the words of Delia Smith…..Where are you ? Where are you ? Let’s be ‘avin’ you ! Come on ! ……..whilst the donations have slowed there is a lot of work going on arranging events….

25th February Becca’s cake day approaches and whilst Colin is concerned that Nick may consume some of the offerings he has assured me that won’t be the case……in fact he has been abstaining from beer and sweets for the past three weeks…fair play !
9th March Blazing 80’s at the CROWN
16th March An evening with Chopper Harris and Jimmy Greaves
23rd May An Evening in the City
June Lee’s Cabbies collection
TBA Ronnie’s Boys…., Three Peaks Challenge
  • We also have collection pots in the Prince of Wales (our local Chelsea pub)
  • And DFS – Donnas Furniture Store is open for business
  • We are very hopeful of adding to this and any ideas are welcome…please make that extra effort and support the effort !

We are currently printing the posters so please let me know how many you need, they look great with collection pots in local shops, pubs and even post offices…..

Even our local Chelsea pub has allowed us to do a collection, but we are going to get Colin to do that!!!!!!!

So we really need you to step up and think of something you can contribute to this cause….however small it will go a long way to helping us achieve this goal….please, please put your thinking caps on and go for it…..

As Colin has said I will be having my finger nail fixed tomorrow so typing could be a problem but normal service will be resumed by the weekend…..thanks for listening!

(Doesn’t he like the ol’ exclamation marks – Editor)