Triathlon number 2 of the season complete and it was an interesting one. I must admit when my alarm went off at 4.45am I very nearly rolled over and hit the off button but that’s just not the attitude of a Ironman is it?!

So on arrival to the event, aside from the ludicrously early start, the temperature, wind and state of the sea were all making me feel that perhaps turning over was a better decision. The organisers announced that because the sea was so choppy (2-3ft waves) that we all had the option to not do the swim if we wanted and that they were reducing the size to one lap of 400m anyway for people that did want to have ago. Again I was in an predicament similar to bed one where I was torn between what I should do. The same answer applied! “that’s not the attitude of an Ironman”

So on to the beach and several mouthfuls of sea water later I was out before I knew it. First test of the new bike wasn’t ideal as the chain came off twice right at the beginning which was pretty annoying but unfortunately something that can happen with a new bike. After that however it was nothing but awesome. I flew past people like they weren’t even there (something that has happened to me almost every time) and it was bloody great. Even in to really strong headwind I felt strong over the whole 22km and it fully justified my decision to upgrade!

Off the bike and into the run I felt pretty comfortable and although it was boring it was a pretty strong run and got me over the line in 34th out 95 with a time of 1:11:59. Attention now turns to Abu Dhabi next week where the distances start to increase and the fan base increases from 0 to 1!