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Hello again everyone.

Let me start by explaining why my blogs have been erratic lately and have not been posted on time. Firstly, in case you’ve all forgotten by now, I’ve got a tumour. A feckin’ big Grade 4 one, and the symptoms are very different from day-to- day tiredness, sickness and anxiety. I seem to be at the early stages of Tourette’s!! Coming off the train at Baldock station last Sunday evening (back from football) I blurted out to this random young lady “Hello love” right in her face!

On top of this rather worrying tendency, my bloody computer has been playing up sporadically for the past two weeks and was only 100% repaired last night.

The disco in Shirley and John’s pub, The Crown in Stotfold, was brilliant and the group, The Blazing Eighties were truly amazing. Over £600 was raised that night and lots of people left feeling really happy with their excellent raffle prizes drummed up by Shirley and her staff, who managed to persuade local businesses and customers to donate. Huge thanks to all involved in making this a successful evening, it is appreciated so much.


On Tuesday I was meant to be picked up and taken to The House of Commons by Colin Spiers, the founder of Headcase, to lobby Parliament about funding research on brain tumours. Unfortunately I was feeling unwell that day and had to cancel. Helen phoned Addenbrooks and they advised her to increase my steroids, which seem to have worked because on Saturday I managed to attend another fundraising event.

This was arranged by Debbie, the landlady at The Crown in Littlington, on our behalf to raise more funds for Headcase. (It’s strange that most of the pubs involved are called ‘The Crown’ and it’s my crown which is the cause of all my problems at the moment!) Ex Chelsea, Tottenham and England player Jimmy Greaves was there, along with the legend that is Ron Chopper Harris. As well as this, there was a comedian to add to the entertainment. There was a raffle and an auction for signed memorabilia. The final figures for sums raised have not been divided amongst various charities and the expenses calculated yet, but a good time was certainly had by all. Apparently though, Ron Harris is going to sponsor The Iron Man event to the tune of £300.

Lots of people have been donating individually, Penny from The Boot in Baldock, Ian Wilkie, Kevin Morgan, Jim and Julie Cranston, Maureen and Graham Blunt, Kim and Kevin Toman and Stormin’ Norman to name but a few. I’d like them to know that it is all received by Headcase with gratitude. So sorry if I’ve left anybody out but ……like I said at the beginning, I’ve got a brain tumour!