Well, here is the latest blog on Good Friday March 29th. In a few days, on April 3rd, I will become a 9 Month survivor, another milestone achieved.  Yesterday though, I received a letter from Addenbrookes to say I can’t fly (because of the brain tumour) or travel long distance, i.e. Eurostar, by rail (because of the blood clot) which is all because I had told them that I had agreed to go to Nice to accept the donation on behalf of Headcase for the Ironman Event.  Apparently this is because of the air pressure of the flight or being effectively under the water in the Chunnel.  They also said that I will have to have the stomach injections for the rest of life.  I had been told this before, but seeing it in black and white brings it home all the more.

Hopefully, I’ll be in a position to give a final total raised by the last Chelsea Fundraiser in Littlington, on next week’s blog.

Forthcoming events – Thanks to Faye Tracey there is an event being organised for the ladies (link is take a look ) which will include virtual horseracing and lots of Pimms and Champagne. Follow the link and sign up for May 11th because the guys can join the ladies in the evening when there may well be a comedian.

As well as this, Vicky Marvel has arranged a “Back to School Ball” where you had better wear your uniform or risk a detention (or worse, Colin giving you the cane with his silver  dog headed walking stick!) and be prepared for a professional DJ reminding you of the music you loved to dance to.  This is on Thursday 16th May.

That’s it for now, hopefully I will be off to watch The Blues whoop The Mancs on Easter Monday as long as I can find the bloody ticket. I know I’ve put it somewhere safe but God only knows where that is.  I have a sinking feeling when I remember I did a load of shredding yesterday……!