So we move through another milestone…..£10,000 great effort everyone, but we still need more and it gets tougher.

Events that I know about coming up…

  • Lloyd’s the Musical – an event in the City on the 23rd June – 150 people, musical, quiz and auction, should be a good night.
  • Back to School Ball – Well done Vicky Marvel – 16th June
  • Faye and her girls bash – 11th May – Can she do better than the Chelsea boys ?????
  • Three Peaks scheduled for July but is starting to take shape
  • Lee the Cabbies collection at Heathrow, seems to want to wait until it gets warmer…….
  • Donna’s Furniture Store has already contributed but is still going
  • Applications into a number of companies about corporate sponsorship  – what about yours ?????

In addition there are a number of collection tins around the place which is all good, think that’s about it…for information about any of the events please view the blog…..

If anyone else can think of anything else that may add to the funds and needs a bit of help let us know as we are determined to reach and exceed the target.

PLEASE you know its for a great cause…………..thanks