The boys Sitting on the 29th floor of Silverene tower in Dubai looking at the English sky, well that’s what it appears like, thick cloud and its due to be like the tomorrow.

Anyhow that’s good news for training, although the body feels broken currently, we have now completed over 400 k of cycling with another big one to come, on the purpose built bike track that is a 50k loop into the desert – this morning we did a 10 k run and swim race, Dan excelled completing the 10 k in just 43 mins. The swim was brutal with the waves causing problems and in fact after one lap I called it a day, however Dan came in around 1 hour 24 great effort.

So with only eight weeks to go things appear to be ok, however tonight is prize giving with a steak at Meat and Co and possibly a naughty red or two – btw only two pints have passed our lips all week, with a fair amount of green stuff, omelettes with only the white of the egg used and loads of fruit, never eaten so healthily but feeling good.

It still seems daunting in terms of the distances required so lots to do but currently in good shape.