Blenheim 2013 bSo the penultimate weekend has come and gone, as has Blenheim the last event before the big day. Dan lined up with three of his mates on the Saturday (that’s so he could party on the Saturday night before flying back to Dubai). After a solid swim and cycle he set off on the run 80 secs behind Andy, two laps, 5.4 k to go, After the first lap had knocked it down to 45 secs….and took him on  the last corner to record a great time of 1.21.27, with a fantastic run of only 22.27. However, having arrived home on the Thursday with a tight chest and sore throat (he also has Asthma), he seemed to have gotten away with it. He flew home last night and things got worse so a visit to the hospital on arrival, and within three hours off landing, had had a chest Xray, all bloods taken, on oxygen and drugs injected to ease chest rattle, along with bottles of anti-biotics he is on a tight timetable to sort this……everything crossed.

Blenheim 2013 a
So my brothers and I lined up on the Sunday with the bar having been set very high. A good swim was followed by a good cycle which meant I was out of transition 2 42 secs ahead of Dan’s time, but his run was superb and he would have caught me on the first lap, still a solid run saw me complete in 1.25.11, and third in age group (zimmer frame section). So a good run out. Tapering begins from now, although Dan will be out of action…….

We now await the outcome of the medication and hope it eases quickly……13 DAYS and counting !

PS message for Dan…I am not doing it on my own !!!!!

Editor: “Oh yes you are!”