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So Dan might have beaten Tony by 3mins 44secs, but Tony did go to work the next day!

Dan arrived back from Dubai on the Thursday with a tight chest and sore throat (he also has Asthma), he seemed to have gotten away with it. Dan left the UK after the race at Blenheim coughing wheezing and with a sore throat, not good 13 days before the race of a life time.  He flew back last night and things got worse.

Barely feeling his feet on the ground again and he was into the hospital, and within three hours of landing, he had a chest Xray, bloods taken, he was put on oxygen and drugs injected to ease chest rattle, along with bottles of anti-biotics. He then slpt, and slept. He is on a tight timetable to sort this……everything crossed.

They are both supposed to start “tapering” soon, but Wikipedia didn’t say anything about being bed ridden!

 Seriously get better soon, you’re not getting out of this that easy !