So in just over 6 months our aspirations became reality….the £30k target was breached ! In fact with gift aid we are now standing at £35,253.91…AMAZING.

Colin’s legacy is assured and as Faye put it ‘this bastard form of Cancer’ better watch out cos we are going to get you.

Its been a journey, one which was inspired by a true gent and a mate, who I know will be chuffed to bits at the achievement. He will even now be egging us on to beat this thing as that is just the kind of guy he was.

We still have applications for company charity donations out there and we will be making one to Lloyd’s in the next few weeks, so its not too late, in fact its only just begun.

Thanks to the successful three peaks team who conquered their challenge at the weekend, if you haven’t looked at their blog do so, its great as well as seeing a message to Colin flying high on the top of the mountains.

And finally a huge thanks to all of you who have donated or organised an event which added funds its been a great team effort, one which I’m sure the Headcase charity appreciate and one which I know will make a difference, but hey, that’s what Colin did !