This blog was first launched in January 2013 to bring to the world’s attention the need to raise funds for Headcase Cancer Trust to help find a cure for a horrid disease. The emotional journey we all followed and felt a part of Colin Smith and his family as they moved from normality to devastation in less than one year generated such passion from those who read about it we raised over £30k. Now we want another 20k.

In that time the blog was visited over 35 thousand times:

Jan 2014 views

From the map you can see we pretty well had hit from every unsanctioned western world country with an internet connection.

From New Zealand to Norway and Argentina to Australia.

I think we have a few left to conquer, do you know anyone in Namibia, Chad or Ecuador?

What is very exciting is since the recent relaunch on Monday we have already had over 240 visits, led I am sure by those involved but will permeate out to those they know and encourage to follow the blog.

first 7 days 2014 views

SO… please spread the word and encourage people to follow and comment. Then with additional pressure with a sharp implement if needs be ask them to donate.

This cause gets relatively little funding and is such a catastrophic disease we need to find a cure for. The people it hits are normal, adults, important to their families and friends and they get so little time to say good bye.

If one of the posts brings a smile to your face or cheers up your day please donate. and remember you don’t have to donate only once, pay day does come round again.. month after month. perhaps if you donated last year you can donate again now. Team Russell need support to get up at 6am every morning, arrive at the gym in the dark, drink no beer, talk about nothing else but muscle aches and chafing.

Please click the purple button and donate.