wise_old_man_by_otunga-d4lx30kSo it appears we are up and running again, this time with additional resources. The three new members, David, Peter and Andy are all partaking in the longest event in their tri careers so out of their comfort zone. The banter has commenced and the day gets ever nearer…..I am sure the journey will be interesting, painful, frustrating but most of all fun.

However, let’s not forget what this is really all about. We lost our inspiration last year but prior to that I made a promise…to Colin. For those of you that knew him and those who got to know him through the written word will appreciate what a totally amazing bloke he was, and during one of our chats at a Chelsea match he said to me, ‘don’t give up, beat this thing for me……and I promised to do what ever I could to play a little part in supporting the Headcase charity and provide funds to the clever people who might just be able to beat it. The disease might have thought we had given it a bash last year with the money raised and that we had given up 20130516_023153and let it destroy many others, but watch out it has never come across a determined single minded sod like me!!. Further fuel to this situation is that my brother-in-law’s wife in Australia has recently found out her mother has the disease with a similar prognosis to Colin.

So whilst the following 16 weeks will be a bit of fun the main focus is to ensure we add to the funds in whatever way we can, all of those of you who helped last year with events, and ingenious ways of raising money we look to you to repeat. And perhaps we can inspire a few others to get involved.

I am convinced we can help make a difference, they need our help, not only those who are seeking a cure but also those who have unfortunately been or yet to be diagnosed.

So please join us and make it a bit of a mission to beat it. Thanks