IMG_2253I’ve teamed up with the Russell family to continue the great work they started last year in raising money for the Headcase charity (all details explained on the homepage). They managed to raise a staggering amount in a previous endeavour, so now it is my turn to help the cause and get the donations flooding in.

Those that know me will know that I’ve taken a liking to the sport of triathlon over the last few years. To date however I’ve limited myself to distances I’ve known are manageable. When the Russell team proposed a longer (much longer) challenge it took me a few courage inducing beers to sign up.

While each discipline on their own may seem possible, it’s the combination of all three, one after the other, that will be the biggest test. If you’ve ever tried to walk, let a lone run, after you’ve been sat on a bike for a few hours then imagine trying to bash out a half marathon in that state.

To make the months of pain I’ve committed myself to a little easier I’m going to be keeping everyone up to date with all the trials and tribulations training will bring through this website.

So spread the word and get donating!

Remember:- The more donations we receive the harder we will train.