TriUK2A morning spent at Tri UK in Yeovil gives a real understanding of the infectious passion for the sport. rows upon rows of jaw dropping works of two wheel art and walls festooned with every gadget and item of apparel you could ever wish for, from bags to socks, GPS to allen keys, creams and nutrition bars, gloves and cleats. A cornucopia of cycling heaven.

The service is at a level many of retail outlet could only aspire to, and the facilities include a cafe, for whilst your bike is being serviced, an Endless pool to take a dip in and try out your new wetsuit, and an Asics running gait analysis.

Its easy to spend a lot but their advice is amazing at whatever level you are, first timer to pro, and price points for all. But with a great second hand department it is possible to get some pretty amazing quality items on a budget. They even have 10 different level packages, comprising bike, lid, Tri suit, Wet Suite, pedals, Goggles and cycle shoes

We got a current season Giant composite bike for less than half price, a slightly damaged wetsuit and some fit like a glove cycling shoes. Only knock on effect was the need to go out and test drive the purchases, so this afternoon’s gentle 7k cycle was a 25k trek (plus three grazed knees across two children)  If you fancy a day out, you can spend much of it in this place.

visit them https://www.facebook.com/TriUK

They say Triathlon is the new mid-life crisis, its no longer fast cars and women or botox and Prada but now Carbon and Neoprene.

I might choose it over shoe shopping!