Tony: Always a giggle when out with little bro……

So I thought as I was the eldest it was the responsibility of my brothers to look after me, well little bro has just proved that was total tosh……it started during the week when he wasn’t sure if he had entered the cycle in Huntingdon or not, several emails and finally a phone call established, yes he had entered so 6:45 pick up… loaded and off we went. All going to plan, just over 50 mins and we were there, got stuff together and off to check in…..did I need the email, asks David, yes is said, oh he said…..silence….and then….do I need a helmet David said, yes I said…..oh he said….where is it I asked, on the drive he said….oh I said. Clearly well planned, fortunately we managed to borrow one and game on…..


off we went, cleat problem for me at the start and off David went, 30k later I caught him up and we enjoyed about 25k cycling together before an expletive from behind me and then nothing, we were on a hill so can’t stop, chain off for David and that was it……..4 hours 42 mins and the line was hit, 129.5 k, David completed a little after but  a good work out all round….then the journey home… I can’t but suffice to say David was on form.

So onto Abu Dhabi in two weeks…..