Ok so just how have they been doing over the last 3 months.

(I absolve myself from any backlash to any perceived criticism that not enough has been done from a position of comfort on my sofa not sitting sweating on a bike or suffering injuries!!!)










Andy , possibly the longest legs and definitely a natural engine being relatively newer to the Triathlon bug, but Blenheim showed Dan having the stamina to take him on the last leg. Not an avid swimmer in the weekly routine clocking up the second least swim total thus far at 17.4km, the least amount on the bike at 868 but by far the longest on his feet at 372Km running.










Dan , suffering with the Flu so unfair to count the last 10 days, pipping Andy on the swim total at 22km and again on the bike at 895Km. But both of the younger members of the team deploying a more High Intensity Training style to training rather than racking up the miles.










David a solid cyclist putting in a fairly regular distance per week in the saddle and totalling 1649Km. a couple of impressive weeks of swimming pushed David in to second place over all with a total of £1.1Km in his speedos and keeping elder brother in third position with an impressive 221.016 (still converts from old money) on his feet.










Peter is our water shy contender, finding his water wings in week 12, thus to date only 5.25Km in the pool, but a healthy steady cycling score of 1837Km, an average of 153Km per week and whilst the least of the Brothers on his feet a stead score every week will be paying dividends. With an injury on the bike in week 12, ensuring it is stretched and protected is the priority.










Ok last but not least, in fact in the saddle and in speedos, by far the highest score, 53.25Km in the pool and 2436Km on the bike, but those knees being protected from too much pounding the treadmill with an average of 16.5Km per week just under 200km thus far.