World Map
So as we all sit under the same sky it’s just different colours……we have Andy in Doha, Dan in Dubai, David in St Lucia and Peter and I sitting here in Harpenden….

But we will all arrive in Mallorca in the next 11 days….along with over 3000 other people. All determined to complete a course that has been set out to challenge us all.

Colin’s favourite saying when I mentioned anything about these adventures was ‘Y’….but this is different, when Dan and I did our Ironman Colin was alive and active, making us laugh with his endless humour, but now we have three others involved and engaged….it’s just amazing that we still have people’s interest but you know what it sooooooo easy. Our inspiration might not be here in body but his spirit is still with us all.

Colin we miss you so bad but we will keep going to beat this thing. Football just isn’t the same.

We will keep doing stuff and try and make people part with a few quid…let’s just say everyone that reads this and I mean everyone puts a quid into the site it gets us closer to our aim of smashing this b******….come on you can all afford a quid.

Anyhow the other thing is EVERY penny goes to the cause…we don’t take anything…… please help, we have just passed pay day and you know what you get it all back next month so find a way to help with a quid…….it will help more than you ever know….and remember Colin is watching !!! Cheers mate.