Well into race week sees me sitting at the airport waiting for my ironman buddy…..on the final approach so it says. This is where it all starts, Andy is on his way and the four of us follow tomorrowmorning. Then the nerves will start as we arrive and check out the transition area and the finishing chute….I remember Nice, when we arrived the finish podium was under construction and we both couldn’t imagine crossing it after the challenge, but we did. 

Anyhow this is now getting very real, Dan again has proved that even the simplest tasks we undertake can bite us, his fingers look a mess, and god knows how many time we have dismantled and re built our bikes. David has gone to work….but you know what they say about PPP ! 

The Justgiving site continues it’s upward spiral and for that we thank you all, still a way to go but hopefully some of you are just waiting to see how far round we get…….before donating, yes that will be it.

The support team is also getting ready with our Mum and Dad making the trip on Friday…..that will be great.

So it’s now just making sure we have everything…..David don’t forget your helmet…….and it’s game on.

But please keep raising awareness by telling everyone you know about this great cause, we received a fiver from someone who shall remain nameless but who really cannot afford it but wanted to contribute, and that apart from being well appreciated is what it’s all about. Cheers