OK so every now and again a little challenge presents itself…..thinking I had pulled a groin muscle at Blenheim it turns out that wasn’t the case (still finished 2nd in age group) however from then on the niggle has always presented a problem about 4k on the run…..It messed up my attempt to qualify for a GB age group bib but I still went to Dubai and tried a half ironman, completed the swim and cycle but no chance on the run….first time I have ever got a DNF !.

minimally invasive scar corail.Back home and needed to sort…..result total hip replacement on the 15th December….target agreed with surgeon Blenheim on the 9th June….so a bit of a journey ahead but determined to win…..Headcase is still the charity I will support and hope that as the journey unwinds you will be with me….and decide if its worth a few quid cos its still a very worthwhile charity…on the 9th at Blenheim it will be a special day and one I cannot wait for. Anyhow that’s it I will get sorted and then continue my quest to see of this terrible disease…cheers for now !!!!

My new proposed hip??