So I am not sure I can go a whole year without supporting and providing some funds for Headcase, it just don’t seem right. So following the hip replacement and recovery, (completed my first race as planned in May) and then completed Blenheim in June, following which the next health challenge arrived… an atrial flutter (could of thought of a more manly name ! ) apparently the bottom half of my heart is going three times faster than the top….( some have commented that’s the same as my brain and mouth…..I will let you work out which way round ) Anyhow bit of a drag, so went for a re boot a week ago and it hasn’t worked so next one lined up, does make a difference but allowed to just carry on training, so that’s exactly what is happening….

So next challenge is the 70.3 Half Ironman in Bahrain on November 20th, both Dan and I are going for it…first night time 70.3…under lights ! could be interesting. Soooooooo a little bit of support would be really appreciated, we are currently about 4k off our 50k target so just a little from each will get us to that point….appreciate I have asked before and many have donated but this isn’t going to go away, the progress is gathering pace and great strides have been made from our funding, so please find it in yourself to make a small contribution.

It’s been a challenge to get back to some sort of fitness, but each time I think about that I slap myself and remember what Colin went through, along with many others…..we must just not give up on this so as I have said please help with just a little…..appreciate it !!