Team Russell

mallorcaSometimes a family has an interest in scrabble, maybe train spotting, possibly Mediaeval Re-enactments. I think we’d all agree it would probably be Mum and Dad and kids for a short period of time, but kids get older and may not be quite so keen? …. The tales of endless summer holidays trekking the countryside and pitching tents or preparing sandwiches for a day by the river in waders and a bucket hat ?

But perhaps less common is three brothers finding a common interest, post mid life crisis risk zone, that not only is a big deal for the average city professional, but also revives all the delights of sibling rivalry. Add to the mix one brother’s offspring to join the merry gang and all set off defying human norms. Not just a one off challenge or a fad but actually for several years.

They all decided weekends (and quite a lot of the rest of the time) training to be Triathletes.

So In order of age, showing due deference for experience… in something..

Team Russell

  • Tony “Ironman Senior” Russell, 56 of Harpenden,
  • Peter “middle child” Russell, 54 of Harpenden,
  • David “baby bro” Russell 48 of … yup, Harpenden,
  • Dan “Ironman Junior” Russell 25 originally of Harpenden now of Dubai!
  • and  Andy “honorary Russell” Brown  also of Harpenden

Do they put something in the water?

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