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So two weeks in and here are the stats…….55 Donations amounting to £2,629 (£3250 with giftaid)

  • 8,497 hits on the blog from 2,978 unique visitors from 32 countries
  • 163 @IMHeadcase Tweets
  • 79 @IMHeadcase mentions
  • loads of Facebook likes

Feb 10 stats

However our best week was the 21st January with 4,498 visits in one week, our big launch of the blog, Since then we have promoted the blog and circulated tweets, but it needs your help with spreading the work and getting people to take a look, then hopefully donate.

All excellent so where to next…..

Before I go into that I just want to put on record that Colin is fast becoming in my eyes the first member of the ‘Chelsea Supporters club – hall of fame’ what a top bloke supported by an equally top family. He has in adversity found a new vocation! his story and weekly diary are truly inspiring, a blend of humour with a real touch of reality and detail. So if Colin can raise his game then it is up to the rest of us to at least try and match it…not going to be easy !!!!!

So what’s been happening this week ?

  •      Lee one of the Chelsea boys is planning a collection at Heathrow from the cabbies ! full day but great effort, will keep you updated…..
  •      Ronnie is moving the ‘three peak’ boys along, I suspect a further update soon..
  •      We now have collection jars, well stickers for jars for coins collections, let me know how many you want…
  •      A football night – led by ‘Chopper’ Harris and Jimmy Greaves…that could be interesting !
  •      An ‘Insurance in the City’ event is being planned for the 23rd Mary in Minster Exchange, Mark Lane,

My favourite message of the week was from Faye…..on her Facebook !

‘Ok everybody…….its finally the end of January so everyone will have been paid by now, diets out the window, alcohol back in the fridge…and a daunting unused gym membership…..but its pay day so do something to make you feel better…don’t scroll past this to read some irrelevant post about someone’s weekend plans or breakfast (yes guilty of those types of statuses myself)…….go to this web site and donate for an amazing cause…….Thank You’.

I will be doing this sort of propaganda every last day of the month until June so plenty of time if now is not the best month for you to donate !

Other ideas………

  •      We have now had 55 donations taking us 8% of the way…if all of those 50 people persuaded 5 additional people a month to contribute £1 we raise a further £1250..easy !!!!
  •      Challenge yourself to get one COMPANY interested in contributing to the cause…..
  •      Arrange to do something, do you have a skill that could attract people to part with their money….or arrange a collection or something similar….

Colin is fighting with the gloves off…the least we can do is support him and the cause !!!! Happy funding……