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Tri_Yas_2013_Certificate (2)

So the first event of the year is complete and under my belt and overall I’m pretty pleased with how things went. Slightly nervous at the start of the swim. I jumped into Yas marina without a wetsuit (yes that’s right) and positioned myself in the middle of the wave as I usually do. I hadn’t actually done any swimming for 2 and half months until today so that was playing on my mind a bit but I was confident I had enough fitness in the tank to complete it in a reasonable time.

The count down started and off we went. I felt comfortable throughout the swim and after a bit of kicking and punching I got into a rhythm. It was clear that I hadn’t done much swim training but I got to the finish line mid pack and off out into T1.

The bike course was very smooth as you would expect for an F1 course! It was 22.5 km rather than the usual 20 and very windy with some sneaky inclines. I was keen to push myself on the bike as that’s what I’ve been working on the most recently. I didn’t post an amazing time but I definitely noticed an improvement from previous events and definitely some positives to take from it.

The run was where I made up the time and I felt really good from start to finish. It was probably the best I’ve ever felt on a final run leg and I didn’t get over taken once! (sorry, had to drop that in there). Again like the bike it was a slightly longer distance of 5.55km rather than the usual 5km but I was extremely happy with my overall time and even happier to cross the finish line!

59th out of 361 and a good day all round. Next stop Abu Dhabi International Triathlon but until then, a lot of hard work in the gym, road and pool to get that endurance level up!

Keep donating, keep spreading the word and thank you all again for your effort so far!