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imagesHello everybody,

Let me start by apologising for the quality of last week’s  blog, I seemed to be all over the place, and when this was pointed out to me I was stubborn and in denial. So, from now on, if the blog reads well, is humorous and makes sense it is from me. If not then it’s probably from Helen and her sister meeting a deadline, ha ha.

Last Friday night I ventured out in Baldock town centre with Helen, Bootsy and his lovely wife, Jan. We had a couple of drinks at The Rose and Crown and a beautiful curry at The Chilli Lounge. I used the sympathy vote to persuade the waiter to upgrade from a couple of After Eight mints at the end of the meal for the ladies, to beautiful boxes of chocolates using the squirm factor! We had so many well-wishers and saw so many friendly faces, it was really quite humbling, people I hadn’t seen for years were making the effort to come up and speak to me.  It was a good evening.

I was back in hospital last Tuesday for blood tests and all was fine. There was an increase in steroids and back on chemo – 5 days on and 23 off- my God the tablets are getting bigger and bigger! To be honest, I haven’t been that well this last week. Sleeping a lot, feeling nauseous and being a bit confused. But hey, I’m now a seven month survivor and was told that if I stay stable I will be able to fly to Nice for the Grand Event in June. So that is the next target on my “bucket list” after the birth of our ninth grandchild which is imminent (nearly the other night!) but is due on Feb 26th.

Well, no football for me this week but up and coming events

Fund raiser: Organising a disco at The Crown- date and time to be arranged Chelsea auction of my personal collection memorabilia, part one and two finishing on next Saturday 16th.

Finally, I would like to thank Becks for a great big effort in the cake-a-thon. It turned out to be a cake-a-gone!!  After leaving Liam’s grandfather in charge of Beck’s baby Liam, Becks was horrified when she came in from her errand and could see a rather large man sitting in the corner finishing off the last cake! Yes, it was her Dad, Nick, whose only explanation was “It is red nose day and I’ve put 50p in the tin, Cock!” Don’t worry Becks, he did the same to us on the way to Munich when he ransacked the mini bus, eating all the cake that Stella had made for everybody!

Let me end by offering my continued support and thanks to Tony and Dan. Good luck to Tony on his fingernail repair on Thursday and his shoulder operation which is on the same day. I am away on Saturday night for a break in Leicester with my brother and sister-in-law, Pat and Peter, to meet a couple of old friends from Bradford.

Until next week…..TTFN.