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Headcase thank you
Dear Tony and Dan

Ironman – Nice 2013

I write on behalf of us all at Headcase to thank you both for your magnificent support by aiming to raise £30,000 for our Research Projects.

I was very moved when I read your story about your friend and know how difficult a time you are all going through. I am sure that making good things happen will go a long way to helping to ease the pain.

We are absolutely delighted with the support we have been receiving from all over the U.K and because of donations from people such as yourselves, we have not only set our first researcher in place at Portsmouth University’s Neuro-oncology Department but are on the point of taking a second researcher on board, also for a three-year term as well as providing the laboratory with some vital equipment which will assist them in their work.

Please be assured that everything which is raised by you will be spent on G.B.M Research and that your efforts, and those of all your friends and colleagues who are supporting us through you, are greatly appreciated and not taken for granted

I wish you the very best and will watch your progress with great interest.

Yours sincerely

Andy Johnson (Honorary Treasurer and Founding Trustee)