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NickIt’s weekly blog time, and it still amazes me the extent of the generosity and support from you all. Friends and people I don’t know send kind comments which are so humbling and give me the strength to carry on.

Well, I had my hospital appointment with my consultant for more results on Friday 22nd. They confirmed that I have a “saddle” blood clot the size of a rugby ball, crossing both lungs. Because of this they are stopping all chemotherapy and further treatment to cut the risk of increasing the clotting. The clot has to disperse naturally which could take weeks or months. The only thing which will help is a daily injection to the stomach which Helen administers. They can’t contain the tumour with steroids either because this can also result in more clots. This is a total Catch 22 situation but they will continue to monitor and make on-going assessments.

On that Friday, in the evening, it was good to see “Young Cabbie” Lee Wallace who had driven up from Ealing to spend some time with us, and Bootsie and Tony came on Sunday to watch the Chelsea v. Man City game with us. As usual, I got excited and went for a fall across the living room, over the coffee table and landed head first in the radiator while everyone nonchalantly carried on watching the match!

Well my auction of CFC memorabilia ended this week raising a total of £1060! I have already deposited this to Headcase. I’d like to congratulate Becca for baking and selling delicious cakes raising £120 with her “cake-a-thon”.

Tony and Dan are continuing their training in Dubai this week. Well done lads!

By Thursday we had located enough lycra to start Nick’s leotard and, with enough machinists, we Little Britainshould have a fitting by the time this blog goes out. Also we caught up with Bootsie , training flat out on his equipment as he may still be needed if Tony wimps out or breaks another nail or two!!

Newsflash! Carillion, the owners of Lister Surgi Centre where Helen works, have donated a cheque for £3000, yes that’s three grand, to Headcase!

Up and coming events are:
Next Saturday, March 9th at The Crown in Stotfold , there is live music by The Fantastic Blazing Eighties hosted by Shirley and John King in support of our amazing charity.