<As a total change from the normal way of doing things, this blog is being written by Helen. Colin is having a bit of difficulty at the moment with sequencing events, dates times and even years so I am taking over this week.  Hope that’s OK with everybody but if not – too bad it’s happening anyway!

I would like to take the opportunity to say how much I appreciate Bootsy and all his other mates at football for taking such great care of Colin and leaving me with a worry- free few hours to myself. It was really kind of Bubbles to ferry him about in his black cab and for bringing him home. Colin enjoyed the day even though Chelsea had the audacity to lose. Don’t ask me who they played – football does not melt my butter!

We have had lots of family time sitting in the sunshine in the garden and screaming with laughter at some of Colin’s hallucinations.  Apparently he saw ET complete with bicycle, a black labrador which even licked his leg and an array of other insects and animals.  He takes all this in his stride and is aware that they are not there in reality, thank God!

Tomorrow is the birthday of both our daughters, Shelley and Charlie. Colin is so proud that he managed to produce such beautiful girls on St Georges Day, he is such a patriotic bloke and a fantastic Dad so it’s marvellous to celebrate both at the same time.  The day after, Wednesday 24th, it will be his own birthday and so the girls want to organise a BBQ for him here and it seems that the weather will be on our side. The grand children won’t be coming to this because it will get too hectic and will add to his confusion.

Nurse Ratched

Colin seems to have a obsession with Family Bargains and on good days I have been known to wheel him up there at least three times so that he can stare at the hardware section.  This has resulted in my hating the place and when I refused one day to go there again, he tried to jump out of the car!! He was so desperate to get there I had to give in.  He calls me Nurse Ratchet after the nurse in “One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest!” and after that event I am definitely going to act like her- ha ha!

Anyway, that’s it for now.  Nothing else to report.  Chat soon, as they say!