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Wiggle New Forest Spring Sportive 2013Whilst the shoulder is on the mend I have turned all my attentions to cycling, with in the past few weeks the odd run.

So over the past two weekends I have been testing that training in two organised events, the first in Newmarket where it was 120k cycle around the countryside in what turned out to be an acceptable day with regard to the weather, cold to start but then almost blue skies, the course was quite flat but a few nasty hills got the heartbeat up and I completed that in 4 hours 54:13,

The following Saturday and I set off at the crack of a sparrow to the New Forest, weather seemed ok at 6am….but as I got closer the rain began…..arrived in a field that was already under mud and checked in wondering what I was doing……I was already soaked by the time I got to the start line as there were over 2000 idiots all waiting to have a go at the 95k course…..anyhow the weather got worse and the landscape just opened up exposing rider to the elements – which was cold rain in the face for the next few hours…..well 3 hours 49 to be precise.

Having got back to the car, my hands decided to not work and getting the wheel off to get the bike in the car took 15 mins, which was followed by a comedy sketch for any one that cared (nobody did btw) of me trying to get into warm dry clothes whilst sitting in the car….anyhow two good cycles and now off to warmer climates to check up on my Ironman buddy as he continues to impress in training…..