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Firstly I would like to start by apologising for the delay in writing my take on the current situation and events regarding my dad, Colin. Trying to put pen to paper to explain my thoughts and feelings has proven to be somewhat of a challenge, and we all know it doesn’t take much to get me in a spin. As spins go this feels like I’m stuck on a roundabout and can’t get off so bear with me people. Nothing we say or do is going to make this dreadful cancer inside my dad’s head go away but what really puzzles me the most is where he found the room to fit this inside his bonce, all that knowledge stuck between the alien invader….it’s no wonder he’s been getting headaches!!

This has been a blow to myself and my family but the strength of character my dad shows every day makes me proud to be his son. I am thankful that I have had 27 years of knowing this man not only as a father, but as a best friend. I watch him and my mum together as this illness takes effect and see that the love they share holds no bounds, they both are truly amazing people and I take my hat off to them.

Sentiments aside I would like to bore you all with some nostalgia. Where to begin is yet another challenge for me as there are too many good times to note, and not enough ink in the printer. Being the original Phyliss you’ll all appreciate how I like to go into the detail of everything so I’m prepared to spend this week’s wages on matches for all the tiring eyelids of the people that take the time to read this blog! Anyhoo….

It was my dad’s birthday last week so we rallied the troops for …..yes, you guessed it an Indian at the local curry house. As always, the smith clan took over the restaurant and ordered everything off the menu, drinks included. As the evening wore on we were all somewhat inebriated and cracking jokes at the waiters expense with everybody putting their two penneth worth in, but the cherry on the bakewell was dads comedy gold comment which had us in stitches. There was no hint of the underlying situation and dad was his usual comical self, which is what we all love about him. His sense of humour is second to none and if I ever get to become as funny as him I’ll chuckle all the way to the comedy club…! I’m sure Shelley will have something to say about this as she is second in line in the comedy stakes!


All jokes aside, I would like to thank everybody for the support and love given to my Dad since he was diagnosed as having a GBM. Words cannot explain how tragic this is for everybody who knows and loves him and is something which you always think will happen to somebody else. Well it’s happened to us and having read up about this type of cancer can see that dad is fighting this head on…..literally! The courage and strength he shows every day is typical of his character and leaves me in awe.

Tonight he’s gone on the usual pilgrimage to London to watch the Chelsea Tottenham match. It’s a draw which I’m sure Dad will be none best pleased about as a win would have given us the qualification for next season champions league, but now it will have to go the wire. With two games remaining I am confident dad’s spirit will pull the mighty blues through!!…

Come on you Blues and on that note I’m off to put a bet on….

Love you with all my heart Dad,