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So another season over and another trophy in the cabinet…not too shabby. Oh and another manager destined for the scrap heap !

Our final pilgrimage to the Bridge saw us visit the Prince of Wales, our normal drinking hole before games, so armed with wheelchair, the boys from Baldock  managed to get Colin there in one piece.

As Helen said, how he has done it I just don’t know. After the excursion to Amsterdam, where we went a straight 24 hours before ending up in Colin’s room at 3.30am on the Thursday morning, (having won the Europa Cup) eating all the sandwiches Helen had made along the way, grabbing about five hours sleep and then back on it, well just amazing.

Yesterday saw us end the season in third place beating off our London rivals and securing Champions league for next season…more European fun, in fact we are already looking at the Prague trip in August for the Super Cup against the Germans.

Special mention to Bootsie (head carer) what a job he has done, take a bow !!!!!

So now we have a break however fund raising is still in full swing, we have the Insurance night on Thursday: Lloyd’s The Musical, and the famous waxing this weekend. We have also enlisted four guys who are going to do the three peaks in July and adding their funds to our cause….great stuff.

So as we approach the second half of our challenge we are still looking at more events so anything you can think off please let us know,

Finally, and now that the money is on the JG site I felt I must point out to Faye and the girls that whilst their event and total was amazing it wasn’t quite up to the boys total !!!! Not that this is a competition (much), but with the Photograph money raised on the night we raised over £1300, I’m sure as you said Faye ‘girls should be running the world’ but let’s keep the finances with the boys !

(Trusting the editor will not use editorial licence and accidentally omit the final paragraph!)