begging_cat-img-647So now we are in the last 10 days here comes the BEGGING bit.

We are SOOO close to reaching our target by a week on Sunday. How on earth can we get that last bit?

Well if every follower, that is YOU, added just £15 more to the total we would make our goal.

Tell you what I’ll go first just to prove how easy it is.

Please could you consider this, tonight, and make that generous commitment as a message of faith in Dan and Tony for their mammoth task in Nice Sunday 23rd, and to support Helen and Colin knowing that one day there might be a cure that would save another family from what they are going through.

We really would like you to just click that button and make this ambition to meet £30k by next Sunday a reality. That is just £10 from you and £10 from your Partner, or £5 from you both and your kids, £2 from you all and the Dog, 3 cats, 2 guinea pigs and 3 fish and Jim next door, or a £1 from your staff at work, a quick whip round at the pub?

Just imagine how good you will feel.