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So as we enter the last week before the gun goes off a few thoughts.

When we set the blog and Just Giving site up in mid January all our targets seemed a long way off, both the event and the target for sponsorship. 

Little did we know there were so many of you out there that had genuinely been devastated by Colin’s dreadful news, just a top bloke. Since then we have all witnessed at first hand the very fabric of the guy and his family. He has had us in stitches whilst at the same time providing a first hand account of his plight, he has attended every Chelsea match and has always been upbeat, never once moaned or used the ‘why me’ card. I am, along with many of you I expect totally in awe of his bravery, honesty and sheer determination not to succumb to this crippling disease. He has been totally inspirational along with Helen who has supported him throughout.

piechart_87pThe total donated has already (with the gift aid) surpassed our total, and this is down to the genuine love out there for Col, I know this means a lot to both Colin an Helen as they battle on but it also means a whole years research has been funded in the fight to beat this disease, fantastic, and with a number of additional events on the go we will certainly add funds to the total….truly amazing !

I went to see Colin yesterday, 15th June, and boy is he fighting, but it is a nasty disease and its hard to accept the hold it has, So we continue the fight back by making people aware of the devastation it causes.


The event is looming (in fact this time next week we should be on our bikes somewhere in the mountains)  and will be a challenge but it is totally put into perspective with what my mate Colin is battling, Dan and I are striving to become Ironmen, however there is only one true IRONMAN and that is Colin. Colin I take my hat off to you with how you have dealt with this from day one. I can truly say you have been inspirational throughout this journey, clearly a journey I wish you were not on, but you have held your head up high and have put shame on those of us who have winged about insignificant stuff over the past year…..we will both be thinking of you and your family whilst we circumnavigate the challenge next Sunday, and that alone will help us meet our goal …. THANK YOU