Second lap of the run Dan had stormed ahead with a pace of 5.05 per km, but then slowing at 6:16 per km, 6.46 per km and 7:21 per km in lap 4.

Tony’s were slower at 7:26, 8:05 and 7:29 per km.

The lead Tony had over Dan  of 8 minutes after the cycle (total race time of 8:13:20 over 8:21:20) vanished in the first lap of the run with Dan overtaking Tony and finishing the first lap 7 minutes ahead.

However Dan’s first three laps have been slowing slightly each lap, and the lead whilst still growing is slowing in its rate.

After lap 3 there is a lead of about 21 minutes.

The sun is now at full strength and the athletes are looking awful on one lap then pick up on the next.  The un-nerving periodic sound of sirens form the local ambulances is put firmly to the back of the mind of the worried but enthusiastic spectators. The positive effect of screaming relatives and friends is quite staggering, and the fact they both manage a smile is astounding!