SONY DSCI am not sure where my services will be needed next, and I am not sure what more there is to post on the Ironman journey itself other than the Guys are safely back home and probably currently sprogged out on a sofa in utter shattered silence. Colin’s journey is still very much our concern and I hope there is more to keep people up to date with as we all wish him and his lovely family every fortune possible.

I would like to thank David Russell for his sentiments in his comment, I hope everyone has enjoyed the ups and downs of the postings, not just during yesterday’s epic experience, I confess I certainly enjoyed the sun, but the tension was a little stomach churning at times.

I have spent the last 6 months as “Admin/Editor”, having been conned into the role with a rather pathetic request from Tony, for assistance to help set up a blog, please someone remind me that all that glitter is most certainly not gold. This has involved retweeting every tweet for IMHeadcase as well as writing original IMHeadcase tweets being continuously inventive in so few characters is challenging! Also the chasing of the guys for their training stats, excuse me boys we need this weeks please!!!), then being asked “why haven’t you updated the blog, 14 seconds after an email piece of editorial arrived, which often needed some serious proof reading – what is it with “…..” at the end of each sentence?

Late at night whilst uploading posts I have wept as posted Colin’s and Helen’s weekly updates, sometimes through hysterics sometimes from frustration on life’s judgments. I have sourced photos to match stories from every corner of Google Images and when there seemed no news to report, found some. The results of Triathlon competitions postings have enabled me to navigate the Triathlon technology services and find live update boards, stories and league tables, I have learnt about drafting, tapering, nutrition and a plethora of kit requirements, and if anyone thinks I have a problem with shoes, Lynn assures me now Tony could have out stripped the entire female supporters crowd with his store of old trainers!

The Lloyd’s the musical nearly led to fisticuffs over logistics, tickets, arrangements, and expectations. The need to chase donation pledges in ingenious ways to encourage those wallets to open and the vast array of people I have had the pleasure of meeting if only in most cases in the virtual world (must get out more). Even this weekend as bag minder, and chief bottle washer it fast unfolded that hotel booking requirements were needed on the ground with supporters group touching down with no guarantee of a beds to sleep in.

I do return with a scorched shoulders and a hoarse voice and a new interest to claim, every single competitor was an inspiration, and with that I will have to face the one bike ride a week and a few breast stroke lengths in the pool don’t really cut it. My son aged 15 has had his interest sparked and a new Tri-bike was sitting in the kitchen for him on Saturday

I could go on, there has been so much I have “won” from the involvement. But most of all it is firstly Colin that has brought us all together and then the rest of you for your comments and taking the time to read the blog that has made it worth it, oh and two nutters that diced with death one Summer Sunday in June.

I should make mention that is not too far from a reality as there was indeed on fatality on the course, a Briton who hit a wall on the bike. There was a minutes silence at the end of the race as a mark of respect. For those that haven’t heard their war stories yet – one includes the fact that Tony decided to stop on the ride to check a clicking noise on his bike only to find the wheel was loose, somewhere around the 40k mark! So when we all think how mad they are putting their bodies through such a heavy test, from slip and trips, rotator cuffs damage, knees and chest infections not withstanding but the race itself had additional dangers ever present.

I hope you will remember all that has been said and the fact that above all it has been to raise money for Headcase Cancer Trust as an attempt to find a cure to a horrid disease and save another family from what Colin and Helen are going through.

As Tony has said before, they were doing an “Ironman for a Top Man” and I claim the right to quote that here.

Kind regards to everyone, its been a priveledge …. Kirstin