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Well well well, now that the dust has settled and the aches and pains have begun to subside, I guess it’s time to reflect on the past 7 Months. The first email went on the 13th November and went like this….


TONY “I’m so close to entering a Ironman”

DAN    “I think I’m gonna do it. I think I have to be there if you’re gonna do it and watching just wont be enough, Having said that, I am actually leaning towards Nice. I know the bike is harder but the times last year are a lot quicker….. It works better for me date wise as well. 

The run course is flat as a pancake as well…..”

TONY  “OK so …… Is that a date ? If we do it we should do sponsorship and I would like to do it for Colin ?” 

DAN     “I think if I don’t do it now I will just wish I had sooooo………………IT’S A DATE! (heart racing right now)  And yes, 100% should be done for Colin”

TONY  “God ….. So is mine and my stomach has just churned !! “

Editor “what is it with these ‘….’ , is it hereditary too”
This exchange was followed by a string of further emails with language that’s not for public consumption thereafter it was set in stone, we had agreed to do an IRONMAN!. Research then helped decide on Nice and on the 17th November I told Colin we were going to do it and raise money for Headcase.

The journey had begun, however even before the blog and Justgiving sites were up things had become challenging, courtesy of Chelsea football club !

As we have said this was all about raising awareness and of course cash for Headcase and of course Colin’s plight. The money and ideas came rolling in and we were well and truly on our way.

The training became all consuming and Dan and I were constantly scaring each other with articles we had read about this challenge, but it was ok as it was months away ! My first visit to Dubai was not good as I had to drop out of the Abu Dhabi tri, which incidentally the same guy who won in Nice won there too, and Dan did brill. Second trip we really did work hard and we could sense we were getting there.


In the meantime the money and efforts of you all was really amazing and the support and donations came rolling in along with some very moving messages for Colin, but the most amazing contributions were from Colin himself and latterly Helen, when ever a ‘Colin blog’ went up the visits to the site doubled in the day and sometimes trebled.

The months began to slip by and the big day came ever closer, but there was also continuous fund raising activity which was really inspiring and ensured total focus. And then bang its done and its over, but what a great day, just one of the best. But the fight goes on, at the time of writing we are just over £32,500 with gift aid, but I would still like to see the magical £30k appear without gift aid. But a job well done, THANKS.

So it would be remiss not to say a few thank you’s.

Firstly Kirstin who in the roll of  ‘Admin’  a term that started as a bit of a wind up but seems to have stuck, seriously what can I say, well the whole thing wouldn’t have been such a success without you, I guess being bossy helps, but you never let up and for that I thank you.
To our on the ground supporters amazing, I think their voices have now recovered. In addition Dan and I have been overwhelmed with the messages of support, it really did make a difference on those last few strides.To all our donators, not sure there is such a word, but you have been brilliant.

But most of all, thank you Colin, Helen and your family for allowing us to invade your lives at a time of total devastation; your openness, honesty and humour have been amazing and your continued drive to raise awareness and cash for Headcase is a tremendous demonstration of wanting to help others when it would be easy to disappear into your shell.  Even when we went to see Colin on Monday when we flew back he was still talking about the charity and donations, unbelievable !

So while this chapter comes to a close another inevitably opens, the boys are doing the three peaks challenge in a couple of weeks and I’m  sure we will think of something else mental to do in due course, but with the London Tri in five weeks its back to the gym. A million thanks to you all from Dan and me for making it bearable and actually fun, and my thoughts, as I know everyone’s are, are with Colin and Helen. TTFN