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480042_10151082027680708_247146425_nWhilst out on their weekly run around Hatfield, Paul and Nick suddenly came to the realisation that the challenge is now just over 2 weeks away! It’s definitely come around quicker than we thought! However, this must have spurred them on as they clocked their quickest time yet for 4 miles, at just under 30 minutes! That’s around 7m 30s a mile!

James has been back home in London for the last 2 weeks, so not too sure what training he’s up to at the moment. Daniel, it seems, has taken a break from training and been enjoying the sun a bit too much, if his red face and panda eyes are anything to go by!

Climbing has taken a bit of back-burner for Nick since that lovely hand injury a couple of weeks ago (thanks Paul for stealing the picture from Facebook!). Nick has actually been exercising most week nights (in addition to the weekly runs with Paul) for the last month, with the aim of doing some cardio work each evening. He has also been doing a lot of swimming to improve general fitness, having been swimming 1-1.5 km at least 2-3 times a week. He even managed to swim a 16 minute km just over a week ago!

So training is going well and we all can’t believe that the challenge is now only just over 2 weeks away! But we’re all excited and very much looking forward to it!

A massive congratulations to Tony and Dan for completing the Ironman challenge a couple of weeks ago. It really is a super-human feat and the training and effort they both put into completing it is remarkable. Respect to you both!

Thank you for your continued support for us and for Headcase Cancer Trust!