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So as we say goodbye to January we have just the three months and a little bit of tapering until the big day.

sports-redHowever things are well underway….the group seems to have split in two with the oldies putting in the km’s and the younger members of the team going for the high intensity approach. I have reviewed this approach and have decided that with two knackered knees and a shoulder if I attempted a high intensity approach to my training I would line up in May missing vital parts of my body as they would have dropped off and this would then make the event even tougher……

We have seen Peter get pissed off with British rail and start training twice a day, David is now cycling quicker than the British cycling team, Andy has begun to realise taking on the Russell’s is perhaps a little dangerous, and an apology was almost evident in his last message and Dan, well all I can say is his desk at work must have eaten him…..having secured a massive deal he is having to deliver it, well that’s is in between drinking with his mate Robbie who is visiting.


So with just six week to go before we take on the Brownlees in Abu Dhabi training will have to sharpen up…and some good news, while the team have been training, admin has been working hard as well and has arranged for Dan and I to meet both Alistair and Jonny before the race in AD…..should be good and who knows we might even get them involved.

The fund raising stuff also needs to begin and we are meeting this coming week to see how we can encourage you all to part with your money, so any ideas please let us know.

And finally it’s very important to know that all the money we raise goes to Headcase, and I mean ALL….in addition over 98.2p (£1.05 with giftaid) in the pound then finds it’s way to the research programme, Colin Spiers who set up and runs Headcase takes nothing from the money at all, that is a true charity…..isn’t it ?