David: So a interesting 3.5 hours at my full inside out up side down medical. All stats all looking good all major readings came back in good form. The last part was my cardiovascular, so when I was shown into the room with a Bike I thought happy days, I was linked up to a million wires including blood pressure and then asked to start. All very good pushed on as the pressure was increased, the Doctor looked at me and asked “you ok?”

“Why” I ask,

“it’s just your heart rate is not going up very quick and I have increased the pressure a fair bit!!!”  

“I feel fine” I say, 15 mins later I complete the test and my recovery rate is above average for a man as young as me. 

Star wars

I’ve had my diet tweak a little bit to help with increased energy levels and to help maintain these as I train 

All in all the Tri game must be doing me some good. 

I would recommend a full 360 check to everyone who can remember watching the first Star Wars film when it came out.