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So a really big reminder on the importance of two things yesterday…..we had both decided: To train all week prior to the Tri in Abu Dhabi and also have a few nights out one in particular resulting in seven pints of London Pride…yes Bootsie London Pride….oh and a burger.

The other point is nutrition on the day.

Conclusions: A big week of training doesn’t help your legs when your are on a 100k bike ride into wind, I have to say though riding around the Yas Island Grand Prix circuit was brilliant.


Also seeing the Brownlee brothers on their way back on the cycle travelling at over 40k an hour was pretty special….so note to self taper for Mallorca!

HydrationThe other key factor is hydration and this you cannot afford to get wrong…..I did though. It’s a vicious circle when you feel you can’t take on water or gels it’s probably too late, I certainly suffered in the last part of the bike and the run due to lack of hydration, plus it was 30 degrees….only good point was even the Brownlees ran around 6 mins slower than normal…..

Over all it was a great event and thoroughly enjoyed by both Dan and I, clearly his new wheels worked well, but it wasn’t all bad, the old man clocked a 24:11 swim…….

Be good to see some more funds go in as encouragement, thanks to those that are spurring us all on.