Sunday 13th April – Wiggle Sportive in the New Forest.

What a difference a couple of weeks make when you look after your muscles by stretching them properly! Two weeks ago I had to withdraw after only completing have the distance at a ride in Surrey, yesterday I completed the 100k course and had some left over, at New Forest ..pleased with that.

The whole event started by a drive down to B’mouth late on Saturday night – a quick Italian then a room share with big bro! – don’t believe anything he says about me coughing and spluttering all night and keeping him awake, I don’t think a thunder storm would have disturbed him.

Anyway up early next morning, met Kirstin and family at the event location – Tony went off to compete in the Epic ride (138k) myself and Alex Duffield went for the Standard (100k) – outstanding ride, much flatter course than Surrey two weeks ago the sun was out and the route took us through the Forest which was very enjoyable.

jaffa-cakesI came in at just over 4 hours which pleased me no end after the trouble I have had recently with injuries – Alex turned up a little bit later after stopping for a feast of jaffa cakes at the half way point.

Tony came cruising in at just over 5 hours for the longer course – so all in all a good training ride – 3 weeks and counting !?