So into the home straight…..two weeks full on and then taper as we approach the big day, and the team is in tatters……Dan is visiting a hospital for a nebuliser twice a day due to a chest infection…..Peter is coughing like he smokes, Andy has disappeared to the desert on work and David well he has been trying to sort t shirts for the past four weeks ! Not a great place to be just 25 days before the big day….. Truth is the balance between work, life, training and anything else is hard. The past twelve weeks are taking there toll, and the nerves haven’t even kicked in yet.

However the good news is we are slowly getting closer to our target re Headcase.  But as always we need more. The team are doing their best to get to the start line, let alone the finish line but we need you all to dig deep and support this great cause, cos it hasn’t gone away…..just heard last week of another family struck down by this terrible disease.

So let’s strike a deal…..we will continue to push ourselves to complete our challenge and each of you out there will think of a way of getting a few extra pounds from everyone you know…how does that sound ?

What ever happens we really appreciate your help and contributions to date but I just know you can do better, come on let’s sort this out and find a cure….I have met the guys who are clever enough to do it and they are for ever grateful for your help………thanks

(Go on… bung a few quid in the pot – press that donate button)