So how is it that 60% of the team is warm weather training, and the two old boys are contending with winter conditions…..rain, fog and cold, just great !

So into the final lap, Dan has recovered and blasted 80+k cycle this morning! still a bit to go for him but it’s coming, Andy, that bike just will not last! especially if you keep smashing it….David is swimming with the sharks and spinning with…..well better let that one go! and Peter well he has gone quite….no update no nuffink….

Two weeks today we will be in Mallorca, will have registered and swum in the sea, preparing to rack our bikes and then spend the rest of the day just wondering, nerves will be kicking in and banter will be high….every emotion known to man. But also a high level of anticipation and excitement ….. All the weeks of getting up early, training, set backs, highs and lows will all be forgotten, and we will all just want to get on with it…..

But again we go back to the real purpose, It was Colin’s birthday yesterday and it was a timely reminder. He would be so chuffed at the continued support, he knew any effort by everyone was going to be too late for him, but he was so determined to do anything and everything he could do to raise both awareness and cash to help others who would travel the same path, that was just the way the bloke was…truly amazing and never forgotten. So please remember him and his legacy by donating to the cause, what we are doing is nothing compared to his journey so go on please, just do it….thanks