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Asmara July 2008 060

Now we have a few followers and comments I am hoping people will spread the word, encourage more to follow, tweet the word, like, poke, Facebook, chat, refer and generally ensure the exposure of this missions goes viral! I have been delighted to be able to set this blog up, it certainly seems the easier option rather than doing the Ironman!!! but if anyone has comments on things they’d like to see, read or link to, please do let me know. We have already had over 1200 views in the first 3 days.

Obviously the intention is to surpass last year’s fundraising target of £30k and aim to reach £50k… but also to raise the profile for research into this tumour through the Headcase Charity Trust. If anyone has contacts, links to the Media, friends or family that can assist in raising the profile and thus the funds please get in contact. I had never heard of Headcase Cancer Trust before hearing Colin’s Story, someone I have yet to meet, but frankly, what I know so far, is an inspiration.

I have previously raised money for widows in Eritrea Air ambulance and last year Breast Cancer Campaign. But I immediately felt that the efforts the Ironman required and the difficulties this Charity faces and Colin’s situation it made perfect sense to help in any possible way.