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shoulder-rotator-cuff-tear-torn-partialWhen the trip and slip sets to scupper the No Hospital trips New Year’s resolution its understandable that spirits take a dip. But there is a plan and that was Physio, modest exercise for a couple of weeks then build up to swimming in 4-6 weeks. As long as the pain wasn’t getting worse or the ligament wasn’t “flicking”. Guess what? it’s getting worse and the ligament is “flicking”. Make or break… booked operation to put it back in place as soon as the surgeon could fit me in.

So already a setback, but Operation booked for the 14th. Surgeon understands the dilemma, and his responsibility to get this shoulder sorted. However it does mean first major Warm up is off Abu Dhabi on the 2nd March. More details to follow, for now painkillers and a lot of swearing!